Website Design & Development

DJ's designs and develops websites that look great, function well, communicate effectively, and motivate action.

Intelligent design.

Great design is about building trust and credibility with users. Creating a trusted and credibile digital experience requires understanding and designing for the factors that matter to target users: their knowledge of the products or services; the surfacing of information at their time of need; the task flow for the decision-making process; and the attitude towards technology and trends, to name a few. Smoothly moving users through unawareness > awareness > liking > preference > action is the foundation of building online trust and credibility. The intelligence we incorporate behind the design to help push and focus targeted users includes:

Before we open Adobe XD wireframing & prototyping tool and Adobe Photoshop, we ask you the questions and do the research required to guide the design in a calculated, careful direction. Intended users must be focused to do what you require. Knowing your users drives key design components such as an intuitive and appropriate user navigation; how to best structure and label content; and where to best place the key decision drivers and calls-to-action. We also incorporate sound research and MarketingExperiments for the purpose of creating a competitive advantage.

Well developed.

We bring the project plans and designs to life through code. We are business- and design-focused programmers whose main development priority is to make the envisioned solution a reality. Development priorities also include coding web solutions to be fast, sleek and function smoothly without surprises.

We have experience with many programming languages. We code many of our web solutions in the PHP language to allow for diverse and wide ranging features and functionality to be added in over time. We keep our programming skills sharp and current through a commitment to lifelong web development research and learning.

Engaging statements.

Experience-focused design elements help make a website memorable. Subtle, down-to-earth graphics and animations can improve engagement, explain content better, and drive attention to call-to-action elements. Hover states, sliding interactions, scroll events, and graphic/audio/video are all examples of elements that we can implement to improve user experience through design-powered engagement.

Fully compatible across devices.

Our websites are accessible to the largest possible audience. With responsive layout, our websites function and respond across desktops and mobile devices, regardless of the platform. In addition to responsive websites, we can also program fixed websites, fluid websites and adaptive websites given specific project needs.

Great results.

DJ's has the experience and formal training know-how to attract websites with targeted visitors. While generating targeted visitors is good, generating results from targeted visitors is better. We operate with one foot constantly in Consumer Behaviour. As a DJ's client, we are always available to help clients utilize the web to:

  • Increase website usage by users.
  • Increase the number of users.
  • Increase the average size of revenue per user.

We have a vested interest in our client's success and we thrive on finding ideas for clients to achieve more. We proactively pass on ideas to clients to see what is worth exploring further. Our approach to growing results is straightforward: Start small. Test results. Expand tests that are successful. Discontinue tests that are not.

Input > Process > Output

We can help clients maximize investments in websites and technology. We are trained in Management Information Systems. We can analyze organization-wide inputs, processes, and outputs to streamline and automate time-consuming, cumbersome tasks to reduce information management time and expense.

eCommerce, CMS, Catalogue & Database Systems.

DJ's develops and implements eCommerce, CMS, catalogue and database systems to make organizations more effective and efficient. Our typical tools of choice are:

  • Custom systems developed with PHP & MySQL to meet specific system requirements.
  • Shopify eCommerce implemented for standard eCommerce systems.
  • Surreal CMS implemented for standard website content editing systems.

Enable transactions online; showcase catalogues of products or projects; automatically input or output online or offline database information; make website updates in-house... We have you covered.

Portfolio examples and references are available upon request.

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