Webmaster & Maintenance

DJ's provides the support and resources needed to manage and grow your web solution. We tailor-fit Webmaster service based on what each client specifically requires.

Webmaster Service Options
Deliverable Description
Launch initiatives Performing technical and marketing tasks and initiatives during launch. Soft Launch where the web solution is placed in the live environment without formal marketing or announcement for a period of time. Hard Launch upon confirmation of working order.
Security set-up & management Implement and manage the security measures as determined by the web solution. We provide security protection both network and web side. In addition, we use Sucuri for a layer of security infront of e-commerce, database and web applications.
Hosting & server set-up & management Implement and manage the hosting & server infrastructure as determined by the web solution. We have privately-owned servers and long-time partnerships with Canadian hosting companies that have data centers in Vancouver and Toronto. We receive:

  • Powerful & reliable hosting environment.
  • High security of data.
  • Quick & competent server admin support.
E-mail set-up & management Set up and manage the e-mail addresses that are to be associated with the web solution contacts. E-mail addresses can be stand-alone or forwarded to existing e-mail accounts. E-mail addresses proteced from virus, malware and spam through FuseMail. Our e-mail set-up preferred options are:

Content updating Availability to help with web solution content updating and digital asset implementation.
Consulting & support Provide consulting and support to help maintain and manage the web solution. Availability for phone discussions and face-to-face meetings. Availability to troubleshoot usage issues and provide technical user support to web solution users.
e-Marketing Provide the marketing team with e-marketing support. Our e-marketing areas of expertise are the planning and implementation of SEO compaigns, E-mail marketing campaigns and digital advertising campaigns.
Training Provide training needed for updating content and providing web solution user support. Preparing screenshots, instructions and videos for how to use web solution features and functionality.
Performance monitoring Monitor the infrastructure and web solution for variabilities in usage & results.
Reporting & analytics set-up & management Implement the reporting requirements for the web solution. This may include:

  • Standard or deep integration of Google Analytics.
  • Data exportable into external databases via comma-separated values (CSV).
  • Data analysis and reporting.

We are available to work on a month-to-month or retainer basis. References are available upon request.

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