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Anna's Incense
Custom e-Commerce System

With thousands of customers worldwide, Anna's e-commerce system is essential to their business. Hundreds of customers interact with the website daily, and one bad shopping experience can cost Anna's thousands of dollars. It is clear that providing a quality online experience is a necessity.

Online Shopping
How customers locate products:

  • Quick Pick
    Customers who know exactly what they want can 'drop and click' products to their cart.

  • Fragrance Descriptions
    Customers can browse fragrances and add items of interest to their cart.

  • Shop by Need
    Customers can select fragrances that are best to burn for common needs.

  • Shop by Burn Time
    Customers can select incense by how long they want the fragrance to last.

  • Product Search
    Customers can shop by search results that match their product keyword criteria.

  • Drive-Thru Express
    Customers can complete an online order form.

  • "Ready to Re-order?"
    Existing customers can shop by their last purchase.

  • "What People are Buying Right Now"
    Customers can view what other customers have recently purchased, and add items of interest to their cart.

Shopping Cart
Depending on the study you look at, between 25% and 75% of all shopping carts are abandoned online. With this range in mind, the shopping cart was developed for ease-of-use and customer comfort at the forefront.

  • On the bottom of every web page, customers can view (1) the number of items in their cart; (2) the subtotal of shopping cart items; and (3) the last item added to their shopping cart.

  • On every web page, the customer can click on a link to view the entire shopping cart, which contains:
    • Items
    • Quantity per item
    • Price per unit
    • Total price per item
    • Subtotal

  • Customers can remove items and change quantities from their shopping cart.

  • There is a minimum purchase of $10. If the items in the shopping cart subtotal under $10, the "Proceed to Checkout" link is disabled. The minimum purchase amount can be easily changed at any time.

The Checkout section is one of the most important sections on the website. Every time a website makes it impossible to complete an order, especially if time has been spent shopping at the site, customers will leave, tell others not to go there, and will likely never go back to the website again.

  • On the Checkout page, customers securely enter their shipping and billing information.  To speed up checkout, existing customers log in to have checkout fields (excluding credit card information) automatically entered.

  • During checkout, customers can choose to opt-in to Anna's E-mail News, and decide if they would like to have the order confirmed by Anna through a phone call.

  • The custom e-commerce software calculates currency conversion from most World funds to Canadian funds, and visa versa.

  • The custom e-commerce software automatically charges appropriate taxes based on customer location.

  • The cost of shipping is automatically added to the total shopping cost prior to the credit card being processed.

  • Customers can review their order details, enter any comments or gift instructions, and then click the 'Place Order' button to complete the transaction.

Post Shopping
The e-commerce system works for Anna's even after an order has been placed:

  • Real-time credit card processing is automatically initiated. If processing is successful, an e-mail containing the customer's contact information and an order tracking number is sent to (1) Anna's, (2) the customer, and (3) the order database.

  • Upon completion of a successful credit card transaction, a secure "Thank you" page is displayed and an automated online receipt is initiated.  Customers are also automatically sent an e-mail message confirming that the order has been placed.

  • Customers are automatically sent an e-mail message when the order has been shipped.

  • Customer information is stored in a Consumer Database. Anna's is able to automatically generate packing slips, shipping labels, and sales receipts by using the database.

  • Anna's is able to analyze sales data and run promotional campaigns (online and offline) from the Consumer Database.

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